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Sri Lanka Appointment ‘I thought it was a man’: Family of dead man says they’re devastated

‘I thought it was a man’: Family of dead man says they’re devastated

A woman has died after being beaten with a hammer and stabbed by her husband’s former girlfriend in the remote western Australian town of Belleayra.

Key points:The murder of Amy Belleoy was one of three in the country this yearThe mother of Amy’s father, who died in hospital in December, says she has been left devastatedThe Belleys’ three children were taken to a different hospital in the days after their daughter’s deathAmy Belleary’s husband Kevin Belleey had a history of mental health problems and had been taken into custody for mental health issues, according to his family.

The Belles’ three youngest children were flown from Brisbane to the town of Melton to be with Amy and her mother, who were not able to attend the funeral, the ABC reported.

Amy’s father Kevin Bellevue, a truck driver, was taken into police custody in December after a mental health check found he was a risk to himself.

Amy had been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome.

Her mother said they felt they had to be there for her, saying they had lost so much together.

“It’s just devastated us, we’re just trying to cope with the fact that we’re so close, so close to Amy,” Amy’s mother, Joanne, said.

“We’re so proud of her and so proud that she’s so smart and so brave and she can do things like this.”

Police said the family had no further details to provide about the attack.

“The family is devastated by this tragic event, their loss, and their grief,” a statement from the police said.

The family are now staying at a motel, the statement said.


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