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What you need to know about the new ISIS threat

New ISIS threats to the West, as the media has begun to focus on the new group, have been emerging.

The main one is the threat to rock mountaintop areas, and the media is not covering it enough.

However, there is a new threat that threatens rock-based mountaintops.

Here are the facts: 1.

Rock Mountaintop Terrorism: Mountaintops are the primary targets for ISIS.

In the past year, the terror group has launched attacks in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, and Tunisia, according to a new report from the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

The group has also attacked targets in the West.


The New ISIS Threat: Rock-Mountaintop Terror is an evolving threat, but its origin is clear.

The report says that the terrorist group has been trying to use rock-mountaintop terrain for the past few years, and that it is only now gaining the ability to do so in Iraq and Syria.

3. “

The attacks have become increasingly sophisticated, as well, and are designed to inflict maximum casualties and disable and ultimately destroy Iraqi and Syrian government and allied forces,” the report states.


The Global Response: The United States and its allies have launched numerous airstrikes against the terrorist threat.

The White House said the airstrikes were intended to reduce the terrorist presence on U.S. soil.

The Pentagon also said that it was also looking to build a “counter-terrorism force that can address the threat from ISIS in Syria and Iraq.”

But, the media seems to be missing the big picture: “The U.N. has warned of an escalation of the ISIS threat in Syria.

A recent U.K. report revealed that ISIS has expanded its reach and capability, using its control of oil fields, smuggling tunnels, and command and control facilities to smuggle in foreign fighters and recruits,” the MEMRI report states, citing a recent report by the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees.

“While this threat is not new, the emergence of a new generation of militants from Iraq and beyond in recent years has provided a much more immediate threat to our security and that of the international community.”

The report concludes that “the continued growth of the terrorist network in Iraq has created a new strategic challenge for the U. S. and our partners in the region.”

The news comes just two weeks after the U,S.

military conducted airstrikes in Iraq against ISIS, killing at least 50 militants and wounding hundreds.

Sources: Vice News, MEMRI, Middle East News, Washington Post, Middle Eastern Media Research, White House, U.n.

Office of High Commissioner of Refugees

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