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Sri Lanka Appointment Tour of the Great Ganges: Giant bikes to ride, rivers to swim in the Himalayan capital

Tour of the Great Ganges: Giant bikes to ride, rivers to swim in the Himalayan capital

A series of giant bikes has been set out on the Ganges in India, a popular tourist attraction, to help people navigate the river.

More than 100 bikes were set up by local people and were accompanied by water-based rafts.

“I would like to thank all the people who made this happen,” said Prasanna Bhatt, who led the project, in a video released by the local tourism authority.

“The Ganges is a sacred place.

It is an integral part of the national landscape.”

The city of Chennai has hosted several similar tours, including in 2012, when a similar project was launched in the city’s Golden Triangle.

More recently, the Great Wall of China and the Ganga in India were featured on the BBC News website in the same year.

The first of the bikes, which cost around $2,500 (£1,200), were launched in 2015.

The second was inaugurated in 2016 and cost about $2.5m.

The Ganges reaches the Himalayas from south-west China, about 2,700km (1,000 miles) south of the capital, New Delhi.

The Great Wall and the Himalaya Mountains were first discovered by explorers in the 19th century.

The river is considered sacred to Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists, and was named after the Hindu god, Krishna.

It runs along the Tibetan plateau, and has many rivers that feed into it.

There are several major water bodies that feed the river, including the Gomandas and the Narmada, which is the main flow into the Arabian Sea.

The ancient inhabitants of the region say that the water is sacred and they have been practising rituals for thousands of years to protect it.

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