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Sri Lanka Content How to build a ‘blood mountain’ on your property

How to build a ‘blood mountain’ on your property

In the mountains of southern Argentina, a group of locals is building a hill on their land that will allow them to protect their water source and access to the ocean.

The hill is called the “Blood Mountain” and it was built in partnership with a local group, the Bolivian Indigenous Land Protection Foundation, to protect the Bolivia River, which flows into the Bolívar River.

The project is part of the Bolibean-Argentinian Cooperation in the Conservation of Natural Resources, or CAPINAR, which is a major regional initiative that was created to protect biodiversity in the South American nation.

“The Bolivians and the Argentinians have been working together on conservation projects and in recent years we’ve seen a lot of projects come together,” said José de la Vega, director of CAPINANO, the group behind the hill.

“We’ve had a lot more projects than we normally would because the projects are much bigger and more complicated, so it’s been very difficult for us to manage.”

The Bolivia and the Argentina Rivers are linked by the Bolim River, and both feed into the Pacific Ocean.

But the Bolivistan River has become increasingly polluted by heavy metals and pollutants, and it is estimated that up to 30 percent of the fish in the area are affected by those pollutants.

The people of Bolivar have also reported a rise in fish deaths in recent months, as the Bolivesan River washes into the South Atlantic Ocean.

“If you’re trying to protect these areas, you have to be very careful and you have a lot to lose,” said Carlos Sánchez, director for the Bolivismo de la Reina de Bolivaria, a non-governmental organization that is working on the project.

Sánches organization has been involved in several conservation projects in the region, and he said that in order to protect fish populations, it was important to create a project that would be environmentally sustainable and economically viable.

“This is a project for us, because it will provide a new income for the people, and they’ll also benefit from the projects that are coming out of this,” Sáncel said.

The Hill on BolivaresRiver, which has been designed by Sánchel and other local architects, is a three-story hill that will be topped with a tower of granite and a wooden ramp that will connect to a series of waterfalls that will offer access to water from the nearby River Bolivá.

The project has already been approved by the regional government, and will be constructed in phases, with the first phase starting in 2018.

“What we are trying to do is to make a hill that’s more sustainable, that will not destroy the environment and that will also allow the BolIVians and Argentinans to live together in peace,” Sáenz said.

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