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Sri Lanka Content Why a mountain bike with a ‘m’ in its name costs $1,500 and the internet is obsessed with it

Why a mountain bike with a ‘m’ in its name costs $1,500 and the internet is obsessed with it

By now, you know about the mountain bike that cost a cool $1.2 million in 2014.

But did you know that its creators are currently working on another bike, a mountain clipart bike?

The makers of this piece of art are called “Mountain Bikes”, and they’re not just about the money: they also make an impact on the environment and the world.

As part of their latest campaign, they’re building a mountain biking bike that has a mountain in its design.

As they explain on their website: Mountain Bikes aim to help us to make a difference by making the mountain a better place for all.

Mountain Bikers are all about the land and the environment.

Our mission is to help people to feel safe, secure and happy.

For Mountain Biking, they have built a mountain that can support an all-terrain vehicle.

That’s right, it’s an all terrain mountain bike.

Mountain bike designer Peter Nogier says the goal is to create something that will help to save the world’s natural resources, and help the mountain survive for many more years.

“We are a community, and we’re all about creating a better world,” he says.

We believe that the world is a beautiful place and we have a responsibility to do what we can to make it better.

To create this bike, they were inspired by the idea of “The Mountain”, a fictional mountain in the 1970s, which inspired the designers of “Mulan” and “Saving Private Ryan”.

“We were very inspired by this book, because it was so inspiring and powerful,” says Nogieres wife and Mountain Biker designer Karen Nogiers.

It was a book that really resonated with us, and it was really hard to resist the inspiration.

“In the book, the mountain is the one and only thing that matters.

It is a symbol that can help us make this world a better one,” she says.

Nogies wife and mountain biker designer, Karen Nodier, says the inspiration for the project came from her husband’s experiences in the US military.

“He spent a year in the desert, and the mountains he saw were a place that people were living in fear and pain.

They were not built to be safe places to be, but were built for those that needed it most,” she explains.

“The book reminded me of the stories of the military people that went into those mountains and saw what a difference they made to the people who were there,” she continues.

The idea for the “Mule” was a little more complicated, and Nogiedres family had to be involved.

“I was really lucky, because my husband is a really strong supporter of conservation and sustainability,” she said.

“So, I got a great team of people who really understood what it takes to make this work, and were willing to work on it with me,” says Karen Noodier.

They designed the bike with their two sons, who are both avid mountain bikers.

“They are super good riders and have incredible balance, so it was easy to learn,” says her husband.

“Our two boys are really happy to be riding their bike, and are very happy to have something to do with this project,” she adds.

Mountain bikers are a great way to show your support for the environment, but it’s not just for them.

Nogs family also runs an outdoor climbing gym, and their business is called “The New Mountain”.

It’s a family business that has been around for over 40 years.

The family started climbing in the 1960s and grew as they moved to the mountains, building and selling the climbing equipment they use to climb, and helping other climbers and families with their outdoor climbing gear.

“My dad is a big advocate of mountain biking and climbing,” says the Nogiestres, who have been climbing since the late 1970s.

“His motivation is always about making it safe for everybody, not just a few, but everybody,” says their son, “So it is a great example of the value of a strong, dedicated group of people to make sure the environment is protected.”

It’s also a great source of pride for the family to see people taking action on the mountain.

“There is no greater symbol than a mountain, and for the Nogs to do something like this to help protect the mountains and the land, is so meaningful,” says Ms Noodiers.

She continues, “The people of Mountain Biting are so passionate about mountain biking that they do this for a living, so I think that’s so inspiring.”

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