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Sri Lanka Introduction NFL players are on the run, and that’s a problem

NFL players are on the run, and that’s a problem

NFL players have been on the road since early November, so it’s understandable that the majority of them have been missing work or taking a long break.

But now, the players are not on the job, and the NFL has taken action to help them keep their jobs.

The league announced a policy that requires players to be at least 15 days away from work for at least one week before they can receive a $50,000 bonus.

The policy also requires players who have been in a physical or mental health crisis to be home for at to six months, which is typically a three-month period after a player has been released from the NFL, but players can be on the sideline indefinitely. 

This is in addition to a policy on suspension that requires a player to be suspended for at a minimum of six games for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy.

“As a result of the NFL Players Association’s continued efforts to keep the game safe, the league has extended its policy to all players and will provide players with additional information in the coming weeks and months,” NFL spokeswoman Lauren Fennell said in a statement. 

“As we all know, the NFL is a place of great safety for its players and fans.

We hope that all players who were injured in the 2016 season will be able to return to play in 2017.

This is a serious time for all of us in our communities.

We encourage all of our players to come home and get the help they need as we work through this difficult time.”

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