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Sri Lanka Introduction ‘No doubt’: Australia’s carbon tax will be unpopular

‘No doubt’: Australia’s carbon tax will be unpopular

The Australian carbon tax, which is expected to raise $6 billion over three years, is a “huge failure” and the Government should abandon it, a former federal Treasurer and former prime minister says.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics, the government’s statistician, said the carbon tax would raise about $6.7 billion over the next three years.

But former Treasurer Joe Hockey said the tax was “so bad” he did not want it to go ahead.

“It’s like having a piece of sh*t,” Mr Hockey told Sky News on Tuesday.

“[The carbon tax] would be a massive failure because it would lead to more carbon being emitted.

And if it’s not successful it’s just a bad outcome.”

‘It will be bad news’ The carbon price has been proposed to the federal parliament as part of the $1.5 trillion stimulus package for the Australian economy.

Its backers argue it will provide a cushion for businesses and help to address climate change.

However, Labor’s climate change spokeswoman, Kate Ellis, told Sky the government was not “on the same page” on the policy.

Mr Hockey has also been criticised for his opposition to the carbon price, which he described as a “big lie”.

“We’re not the biggest carbon polluter in the world,” he said on Monday.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has said he will not support the carbon market, which has been criticised by industry and environmental groups for its impact on businesses.

He said he believed the carbon pricing scheme was “a huge failure”.

However he defended the Government’s decision to introduce the carbon emissions trading scheme, saying the plan would help to “lower the cost of living”.

Mr Shorten told Sky’s Andrew Bolt he was concerned the scheme could cost businesses “up to $300 a tonne”.

Labor has promised to introduce a national carbon pricing system within six months, which would impose a $200 per tonne tax on every tonne of carbon emissions.


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