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Sri Lanka Introduction How to watch the Super Bowl with the NFL’s new TV partnership

How to watch the Super Bowl with the NFL’s new TV partnership

By Joe Brandeis, Associated Press WriterSAN FRANCISCO — The NFL’s Super Bowl deal is set to kick off next week and it is a deal that could help a football-obsessed nation get a taste of what is to come.

It could be a boon for the league’s marketing arm and the league.

The deal gives the NFL the opportunity to market its brand to an audience that includes the nation’s most powerful sports franchises.

The deal could help the league reach a larger audience of viewers who don’t normally watch the game, a potential audience that advertisers and sponsors hope will drive up ad sales and bring in more money for the NFL.

It also could allow the NFL to grow its TV presence in ways that will benefit the NFLPA and its players, who have long struggled to attract fans.

The Super Bowl will air on ESPN, DirecTV and NBC.

It is also scheduled to air on CBS.

The games will be streamed online through the NFL Network.

It is the latest move in the league to use its platform to sell itself to advertisers.

It has also sold more than 4 million tickets to the game this season, making it the biggest-selling Super Bowl in history.

The new deal with the leagues most prominent sports networks will allow the league and its broadcasters to broadcast Super Bowl ads on a range of media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

It will also allow the leagues digital partners to advertise on NFL Network, which is scheduled to start airing games in March.

The NFL will also be able to offer ads on, a new social network that will also debut this year.

It’s a move that could boost ad sales.

The league also is expected to unveil a new ad product this week that will debut this season on NFL games.

The deals will come at a time when many NFL owners are questioning the value of the league as a brand.

The league’s average ticket price has climbed to nearly $60 a seat since the start of the season.

But the league has seen ticket sales drop by about 40 percent since 2010.

The Super Bowl is scheduled for Sunday at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif.

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