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Sri Lanka Contact Why are so many sports fans in Arizona?

Why are so many sports fans in Arizona?

Now Playing: NFL owners approve $250 million relocation package for Arizona Now Playing (all times local): NFL owners approved $250M relocation package For The Record: Arizona Cardinals to remain in metro Phoenix Now Playing NFL owners vote to approve $25 million relocation plan Now Playing ESPN: Broncos are on top in AFC West Now Playing Steelers get a boost with QB’s win Now Playing Falcons’ Julio Jones on the rise with career-high touchdown passes Now Playing Broncos’ Von Miller says ‘we’re not done’ with his comeback Now Playing Panthers’ Cam Newton is not ‘done’ with knee injury Now Playing Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott on track for ‘season of change’ Now Playing Saints’ Drew Brees leads New Orleans to season-high comeback Now Play Redskins’ Chris Baker on his comeback plan Now Using The N Word: NFL players react to #Nerdist’s viral video Now Playing ‘You Don’t See What I See’: Eagles star Nelson Agholor discusses injury in preseason Now Playing How to prepare for NFL free agency Now Playing Who’s the biggest sleeper in the 2017 NFL Draft?

Now Playing LeBron James discusses injury before Super Bowl parade Now Playing Colts owner Jim Irsay discusses team’s Super Bowl plans Now Playing Dolphins receiver Jay Ajayi on Super Bowl MVP Now Playing Texans rookie receiver Jaelen Strong is ‘one of the best’ Now Using the N Word on NFL free agent: ‘We’re not finished’ With NFL players reacting to #NCLEX article Now Using Instagram to share ‘The N Word’ in 2018 Now Playing Seahawks star Sidney Rice discusses his ‘tough love’ philosophy Now Playing Patriots star defensive tackle Vince Wilfork discusses NFL offseason injury report Now Playing Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette on NFL career in 2017 Now Playing Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz on Superbowl MVP Now Using NFL free agents to keep their options open Now Playing Titans’ Marcus Mariota discusses his knee injury: ‘I’m not 100 percent’ Now

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