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Sri Lanka Introduction How to find a new home for the black mountain dog

How to find a new home for the black mountain dog

A black mountain cat has been found safe and sound after an extensive search involving more than 100 dogs, police say.

The rescue of the cat is part of a nationwide effort to rescue wild cats from illegal captivity.

The cat, which was discovered on Wednesday in a rural area near Cheyenne, Wyoming, was adopted by a family from Texas.

It was named after a local sheriff.

Police said the cat was discovered by a passerby who noticed a hole in the ground.

He then called the Cheyennes Animal Rescue Team, who went out and removed a fence.

They found the cat sitting on the grass outside the house and had to put a rope around the cat to get it to the ground so it could be removed.

“We’re very proud of the team that worked so hard to bring this cat to safety,” said Sgt. Chris Smith with the Cheyon Mountain Police Department.

The Cheyene Mountain Animal Rescue team is located at the Wyoming Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

The team also assisted in rescuing the Black Mountain Cat from an illegal cage at the National Wildlife Federation.

The black cat is a hybrid of the black cat, the black bear and the mountain lion.

It is believed to be around 7-8 years old.

It weighs about 60 pounds.

Cheryl, who is not related to the cat, said the family had just moved to Wyoming when they adopted the cat.

The Cat is a gift to the family, she said.

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