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Sri Lanka Content A ‘giant’ winter wonderland at the Spring Mountain resort in County Donegal

A ‘giant’ winter wonderland at the Spring Mountain resort in County Donegal

A ‘super spring’ is being built on the Spring mountain resort in Co. Kerry with plans to extend the existing visitor area to include a new spring and waterfall.

A project is being undertaken to transform the existing Spring Mountain Hotel into the Spring Mountains Resort with the aim of providing visitors with the ‘perfect spring experience’.

The Spring Mountains Hotel, located on the south side of Spring Mountain in County Galway, is located in the middle of the county.

The area is renowned for its springs and falls and the resort itself is home to a range of natural attractions including the Spring Waterfall, which is a natural amphitheatre with over 500 waterfalls.

The Spring Mountain Resort will have an additional visitor area with access to the new waterfall and a number of other attractions, including the ‘Super Spring’, a massive waterfall that will open up to allow visitors to step out of the hotel and enjoy a unique, outdoor experience.

It is hoped that the resort will become the ‘super winter wonderlands’ for the surrounding area and the town of Spring.

The resort will be the first in the country to incorporate the new facility.

It was developed by a partnership between the Spring Mountaineering Group and the State of Kerry, with assistance from the Department of Tourism.

The company said the project will take a while to complete but that it would eventually open to visitors in 2019.

It has also partnered with the Irish Water and Power Association to develop a number the infrastructure for the Spring mountains resort.

It will be up to the tourism sector to determine the exact date of opening, with the Spring resort already undergoing extensive refurbishment.

The new hotel is the latest in a number to open in the area, including a number on the M9 near the Donegal border, a large visitor centre, a spa and an indoor water park.

It comes amid a huge influx of visitors to the area as the area sees a significant increase in the number of holidaymakers, with tourism and business sectors across the country struggling with an unprecedented amount of demand for accommodation.

The hotel project will include a ‘Super spring’ which will include an outdoor amphitheater and will be able to accommodate up to 5,000 people.

There are currently plans to build a further ‘Super Summer’ hotel at the hotel with plans also to build another ‘Super Winter’ hotel on the neighbouring M8 and the next ‘Super’ hotel to open on the South Shore of the island is being considered.

In County Cork, another ‘super summer’ project is underway, with plans for a ‘super beach’ in County Sligo, a popular summer destination.

The project, which has been in the works for a number years, is due to be finished this year and will include the construction of a new resort and a swimming pool.

It will open to the public in 2020.

Development Is Supported By

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