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How to hike Bristol Mountain with a mountain bike

The Bristol Mountain Trail (BMT) is an all-mountain trail running along the Bristol River from Brighton Beach, Connecticut to the Atlantic Coast, and has been a favorite for generations.

This year, the trail was re-opened for the season with a total of 1,000 miles of new hiking and biking opportunities, including a new multi-day, multi-state mountain biking trail, a new trail running from Bristol Bay to Mount Pleasant, and a new 5.1-mile mountain bike trail from Brighton to New Hampshire.

But it’s not the only mountain biking destination on the Bristol Mountain route. 

“We have over 200 miles of mountain biking trails, including the 1,100-mile Bristol Mountain Bike Trail, which has been an ongoing part of the Bristol trail system since 1982,” said Brian Smith, the executive director of the Mountain Bike Trails Coalition, which oversees the BMT.

“This year’s opening is a big step in creating a truly integrated network of trails.” 

The BMT opened in 2012 as part of a re-design of the city’s bike infrastructure.

The city built a mountain biking network for the city, a network that includes more than a dozen miles of bike paths, including three new trails, a mountain climbing area and two new trails on the B-side of the river. 

This year, the BMT was officially re-opening for the winter, but the new trails and trails on both sides of the BCT are not open for the public. 

Smith says the city will continue to provide regular updates on the trail system as the season continues.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to continue to have fun, learn from each other and share in the fun,” he said.

“We’re hoping to have the B&B [bike] trails available in October.” 

For more information on the 2018 Bristol Mountain Trails, click here. 

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