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Diamondback mountain bikes to launch with new models

The first wave of the Diamondback Mountain bikes, designed by British company Diamondback, has arrived in India.

The company is also working on the new models of its existing range of mountain bikes, which will include an all-mountain variant.

The new bikes will be sold through Diamondback’s online store in the next few months, and will cost between ₹3,000 and ₘ3,500.

The bikes will also be sold with a limited edition version, priced at ₂2,500, in which the rider can choose from a range of colour schemes, such as black, white, grey, orange, red, or pink. 

Diamondback has been busy in the last couple of years designing and manufacturing new bikes, including the first all-road model, the Diamondbikes 3. 

The Diamondback bikes are already available in the UK, Germany, and France, and were sold to several Indian riders.

Diamondback also manufactures some of its bikes in India, as well as in the US, but this is the first time that a new Indian brand has entered the market.

The company is not the only one working on a new bike in India; a few other manufacturers have also started offering a range from the company, including Everest bikes, a range made up of the EVE Mountain bikes.

The range includes a mountain bike from EVEREST, a mountain road bike from  HALCO and FARES from EURON.

The first model in this line, the Eveland mountain bike , will cost ₙ3,400.

The Eveland also comes with a range for riders to choose from, from black and white to white and red. 

EVELAND mountain bikes are currently being sold in the United States, as are the KTM  and SV650 mountain bikes. 

 The new range is the third wave of new Diamondback products to arrive in India in the past few years.

In March, the company launched a line of DRAGONBAR motorbikes in India for riders looking to upgrade their bikes from the previous models. 

In April, it launched the TANGO motobikes for riders who want to add more gear to their bikes, while in May, it released a range that included a mountainbike and a bike with a suspension system. 

DIGITAL RACE, INDIA  by Logan Rambam Publishers Weekly, February 6, 2019Diamondback’s mountain bikes come with a host of extras, including: A carbon fiber fork, a carbon fiber handlebar and brake levers, a titanium seatpost and saddle, and a carbon steel seatpost, stem and headset. 

A titanium saddle is available for the bike. 

You can also get a titanium frame for around ₸1,000. 

Riding on these bikes, riders will get a carbon steel brake rotor and carbon fiber brake discs, a stainless steel seat post and seat post stem, a stainless steel stem and a titanium fork. 

Bike-racing has been a key part of Diamondback riders’ lives for decades, and the new bikes should help the brand to make a mark in India and other emerging markets, where bike riding is rapidly expanding. 

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