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Which Fallout 3 DLC will you be getting next?

The latest DLC for Fallout 3 is currently on sale, and if you haven’t already bought it, it’s on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

This new expansion adds an entirely new sidequest called The Vault of Glass, and you’ll get to experience all the side quests you can find in the game, from helping with the construction of the Vault to getting an item to help out your companions in the Mojave Wasteland.

If you’ve already bought The Vault, you’ll still get to do all the Side Quests in the DLC, but this time around, you get to spend more time exploring the Wasteland.

We’ve included a gallery of all the DLC packs, but if you’re looking for the full list, you can check out our review.

Bethesda has added three new DLCs to Fallout 3, and they’re all available now.

The Vault is a new side quest that’s set to appear in the base game.

This sidequest involves helping with Vault-Tec research into radiation, and also includes a bunch of side quests.

You’ll be able to find the Vault of the Lost in Vault-tec headquarters in the Capital Wasteland.

This Vault is set to become available to players after you’ve finished the main game.

The Lost is set in a small, rural settlement in the Commonwealth.

The Sole Survivor will need to solve a series of puzzles, and eventually defeat a giant spider-like creature to find a key to unlock the Vault.

You can find the Lost sidequest in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Pack 1, Pack 2, or Pack 3.

The Broken Steel add-in pack is set on an island in the Northern Wasteland.

The Island is a major new addition for Fallout 4, and it adds the Vault-22 to the game.

In the Fallout 4 add-ons, you may also be able buy the Lost DLC and the Broken Steel DLC for a total of $40.

There’s also a new companion character named The Chosen, who will join the Sole Survivor in the Broken Vault and fight the ghouls.

The Chosen has a few quests that may take place in the Lost, Broken, and Vault-7 DLCs.

The DLC packs are available for purchase now on the store, and will be on sale for another 24 hours. 

The Vault of Steel is set for release on March 17, 2019, so this is the perfect time to pick up the DLC.

We recommend playing Fallout 3 in a safe place first, and then checking out all the new DLC packs that Bethesda has announced.

We have a list of all DLC packs on IGN’s Fallout 4 page, and have listed them all below. 

Fallout 3: DLC Pack 1: The Vault-82 DLC – All DLC packs: $30 Fallout 3: Expansion 1: Fallout 4 DLC – All Expansions: $40 Fallout 3 Expansion 1: Vault-8 DLC – $40 – Fallout 4: The Chosen DLC  – 2 DLC Packs: $50 Fallout Fallout Shelter- The Vault 8 DLC -$20 – Vault-13 Expansion Pack- 3 DLC Packs:- The Broken Steel ExpansION – The Lost ExpansIONS – DLC Packs $15 – The Fallout 4 Expansional DLC- The DLC Pack: $40

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