Sri Lanka

Golden Sand & Misty Hills

Sri Lanka Introduction Which mountain coaster is the best in the world?

Which mountain coaster is the best in the world?

The best mountain coaster in the UK has never been announced, but a new one in Northern Ireland will be in operation next month.

The Snowbird in Kilkenny has been on the road since 2014 and is now set to become the biggest ride in the country.

It’s currently one of the country’s best attractions and has earned a reputation as one of Britain’s most spectacular and memorable mountain rides.

Snowbird’s new route is set to be opened in the autumn and will run along the shores of the Dingle Peninsula, a popular holiday spot in Northern England.

A spokesman for the company said: “It’s going to be a fantastic ride, but this is not just a question of design and construction.

We are also looking at the technical and safety aspects of the ride.”

The Snowbirds newest route will see it take visitors from the shores to the top of the hill, where they will be greeted by a spectacular view of the island.

The company said it would also bring visitors to the island’s iconic Bantry Bridge where they could watch the Snowbirds new ride take to the skies.

“It’s an exciting new adventure, a stunning new adventure,” said the spokesman.

In 2016 Snowbird won the Royal Geographical Society’s Outstanding Adventure Ride Award.

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