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Sri Lanka Content Which Republican presidential candidate is right on the money?

Which Republican presidential candidate is right on the money?

The GOP is taking on Obamacare, and the latest polls show the party’s nominee is polling at the top of the pack.

But the real test is whether Mitt Romney can convince the public he is the one who will stand up for the middle class and defend America from China.

If Mitt Romney’s numbers continue to slide, the GOP’s chances of winning the White House will shrink.

But what will happen when Mitt Romney loses to President Obama in November?

That’s the big question facing the Republican Party, as the country heads into November’s midterm elections.

The latest polls on the race for president show Mitt Romney with a big lead over his Democratic challenger.

In an ABC News/Washington Post poll, Obama leads Romney 46% to 41% among likely voters, a 9-point swing from a week ago.

Another CBS News poll has Obama with a 12-point lead over Romney, 53% to 38%.

“In terms of what it means for the Republican ticket, it means Romney has to be much better than Obama,” said Steve Schmidt, a political science professor at George Washington University.

“In terms and context, Romney is far more unpopular with Republicans than Obama.”

In addition to a solid showing in the polls, there are several other big factors to consider as voters head to the polls in November.

First, a lot is at stake.

The presidential election is shaping up to be one of the most closely watched in the nation, with every vote going to a presidential candidate.

And a number of battleground states — including Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia — could have a decisive impact on the outcome.

“There is an expectation that the president will win the White Senate, so that is an important issue,” Schmidt said.

In recent days, some Republicans have expressed concern that the party could suffer a devastating loss in Florida, the state that is crucial to Obama’s reelection chances.

That has also led some to worry that the GOP may lose ground in Ohio and possibly even in Pennsylvania.

Second, there’s the election itself.

Obama has already made his campaign very clear about his position on the Affordable Care Act, which he says is the single biggest issue facing his re-election campaign.

Romney has tried to play down the issue by saying it’s a partisan issue, pointing to the fact that he is running against Obama.

And his running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), has also criticized the law, arguing it would cost more than $1 trillion to implement.

Third, Romney has had a rough go of it so far.

The president has had to work a lot of overtime in his reelection campaign, spending millions of dollars on advertising in battleground states like Ohio and Pennsylvania.

That spending, coupled with his lackluster approval ratings, has been the driving force behind the president’s poor showing in recent polls.

Obama is still polling at near-record levels in Florida and has a comfortable lead in Pennsylvania, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released last week.

Fourth, Romney faces an uphill battle.

He’s had to win over Republicans in a number to do well in November, but his standing is not particularly strong among those voters.

That is largely because Romney has largely been left out of the debate on the economy and foreign policy.

In a CNN/ORC poll released in October, more than half of Republicans said Romney has no chance of winning in November against President Obama, while only 38% said the same about Vice President Joe Biden.

If Romney can win the popular vote and hold onto the Senate, the Republican party could have its best chance of reclaiming the White house since Ronald Reagan won it in 1984.

It’s not that Romney is completely out of it.

He still has a majority of the delegates at stake in states like Colorado and Wisconsin, where he could win a majority on Super Tuesday.

And the president has been struggling to get the GOP to support his nominee in the presidential debates.

The candidates are scheduled to face off on March 2 in St. Louis.

And in the meantime, Republicans have been using the campaign trail to rally support for the president and make a case for his reelection.

In the final stretch before the November election, Romney will hold a series of town halls across the country, including one in Colorado Springs, Colo., this weekend.

He will also hold events in Colorado on Monday and Tuesday.

For Democrats, the focus will be on the November midterms.

The midterm elections are a time for Democrats to pick up seats in the House and Senate.

While Republicans have a lot to gain, they are also facing some big losses. 

In the past week, Democrats have suffered a number embarrassing defeats in Senate races, including Missouri’s Republican Senator Roy Blunt and Montana’s Democrat Jon Tester, who were defeated in their races for the Senate.

In Florida, Democrats lost three of their four Senate seats, including a vulnerable seat in Florida’s 6th District, which is controlled by the GOP.

And in Colorado,

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