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Blue Ridge mountains, white folks are welcome

By CATHERINE MCCULLOUGH, ASSOCIATED PRESS The Blue Ridge Mountains have become a favorite destination for the White Citizens.

Here are the details on how to get there and what to expect at each peak.

How to get to Blue Ridge, a.k.a.

Mount Zion, a popular spot for the affluent: Travelers can access the mountain by bus, foot or train.

The Blue Ridges are located about 100 miles south of Las Vegas, Nev.

Travelers should expect to travel about 90 miles in the day, about 90 in the evening and about 15 in the afternoon.

How much can I camp on the Blue Ridge?

Camping is allowed on the Red Ridge or on the summit of the Blue Mountain, but no overnight stays.

Campsites are located on the south side of the mountain, near the entrance to the Blue Valley.

The Red Ridge, which sits about 15 miles south, is also open to hikers, but it is not open to overnight stays because of the risk of avalanches.

How do I get to Zion, the top of Mount Zion?

Zion, or the Blue Ridge, is located about 10 miles north of Las Cruces, N.M., in the Black Mountains.

Zion is popular for families with children, since it offers excellent access to the White People.

Where can I go to see the Blue Mountains in person?

Blue Ridge National Park offers a number of guided tours that take visitors on a guided tour of the Black Hills.

They will take visitors from the White Citizen Campground and the Blue Ranger Station and from the Blue Trailhead.

To find a guided trip, visit the park’s website.

Where do I go for a hike?

Campsites, hiking trails and other activities are available on the Black Ridge.

To see these areas from a safe distance, hike to a designated trailhead, such as the White River Trail, and return by helicopter.

Where are the campgrounds?

Campgrounds at the Blue Range are at: White Creek Campground (near White Creek), Blue Ridge Campground at White Creek (north of the campground), Red Ridge Campsite (near Red Ridge), and Zion Mountain Campground.

Are there any water sources in the area?


Most areas of the Red Range are covered with snow and ice, so water sources are limited.

Are you safe?

The Blue Mountain Campsite is closed to the public due to avalanche hazard.

Visitors should stay in their vehicle.

The Zion Trailhead is open for guided hikes and overnight stays in the Blue and Red Ridges.

Is there any camping?

Campers can use the camp site on the east side of Zion Mountain.

Camping on the South Side of the Mountain, about 10 to 15 miles away from the campsite, is permitted.

How can I help the White Country?

Support White Country efforts to promote peace, tolerance and understanding.

Visit the White Civil Rights Movement website at or follow White Country on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Follow the White County Emergency Management Agency at www, and Twitter @WhiteCounty.

Are the White people safe?

Yes, and the White Mountains are safe.

Campers should be aware of potential hazards to campers, including avalanches and landslides.

The area around the campsite is also a potential site for avalanches, which are also dangerous.

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