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Sri Lanka Introduction The holy mountain in the Scottish Highlands – the holy mountain

The holy mountain in the Scottish Highlands – the holy mountain

The Holy Mountain in the Highlands is a magnificent mountain.

It’s an old, beautiful, and very special place.

It is one of the highest mountain peaks in Scotland and is one day used as a resort and a pilgrimage site for pilgrims. 

The Holy Mountain is not the only thing you can see at this holy mountain.

In fact, there are many other things to see and do along the route.

The road leading to the holy mountaintop is long, winding, and muddy.

But when you reach the top, the view is worth the drive.

I had the opportunity to drive past the Holy Mountain and take a few photos with some of the visitors that were visiting from across the border.

In the photo above, the people who were driving in the convoy are a couple of Scottish tourists, one is wearing a red vest, and the other wears a white vest.

While we were driving down the road, I noticed that there were some people with long beards in the group, and I could tell they were from Scotland.

This particular group of tourists had been travelling to the Holy Mountaintop for some time, and was heading for the nearby mountain monastery, the Holy Monastery of St. Stephen.

There is a reason why they’re called Holy Monks. 

When they arrived at the monastery, they found a large stone in the centre of the monastery.

They brought the stone back to the group and placed it there to be venerated.

 I could see that this was a very important part of the Holy Mountains heritage.

After a few minutes of looking at the stone, the group gathered around the stone and a woman began to explain the history of the stone. 

“We were here about a thousand years ago when the first human beings arrived in this area and it was very hot and dry.

So we decided to build a monastery here, and we have since remained there.” 

The woman then explained the significance of the place that they called Holy Mountain. She said: “There is something very sacred here, something very special.

This is a place where we come together to pray and share our beliefs.” 

After the woman finished speaking, we walked to the bottom of the hill and began walking towards the Holy mountain.

At first, the views were stunning. 

I can’t imagine that this mountain was so beautiful and peaceful back in the Middle Ages.

However, the road turned out to be quite bumpy, and there were many other people around, and even people driving on the road.

As I approached the top of the mountain, I was taken aback by the sheer beauty of the area.

It was an old and beautiful place, and this was only one of many views I could see on the way up to the mountain. 

At first I thought the Holy Mt. was too remote, but as I continued down the hill I noticed the scenery was really amazing.

And there were also quite a few other people in the caravan that I was taking photos with, who were also visiting from a distance.

On the way back, I made sure to stop to take a couple more photos with the people that were also going to the summit.

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