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Sri Lanka Introduction New Delhi: Hospitals open their doors to the world on November 3

New Delhi: Hospitals open their doors to the world on November 3

New Delhi, November 3: Hospices across the country have opened their doors for the world’s first ever yoga festival.

A total of 20 hospitals in India have opened yoga classes to help people cope with their post-surgical emotions, said Dr S.K. Kishore, the head of the National Yoga Federation (NNF), which runs the event.

“The first day will start with a 10-minute yoga session followed by an 8-minute meditation, followed by a 20-minute reflection and then another 10-minutes of yoga.

The theme is to bring about calmness, a sense of peace, a calm body and an energy that can lead to a better physical and mental wellbeing,” he said.

The National Yoga Festival, which has already taken place in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Pune, is expected to take place from November 2 to 10.

“It will be a big event that will spread the awareness of yoga to the nation,” he added.

Kishore said the aim of the yoga festival is to promote health and wellness in the country.

“We want to show that yoga can help people in different ways.

It can help us feel calm, and it can help in relieving stress and depression,” he noted.

“People can come for yoga as it is a way of relaxing and calming down, which helps in our daily lives.”

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