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Golden Sand & Misty Hills

Sri Lanka Appointment How to get ready for the ski season

How to get ready for the ski season

Get ready for snow on the slopes!

It’s the season for skiing and snowboarding.

Here are some tips to make it all go smoothly.


Choose a good snowpark 1.1 What to pack: a warm coat, hat, gloves, boots, gloves with snow insulation, headlamp, a water bottle and a shovel, as well as a snorkel 2.

Pack a warm, dry bag to keep you warm and dry on your day of skiing.

You don’t want to be stuck with a damp bag.

2.2 Make sure you’re prepared to go out in the winter with little to no wind protection.


Stay hydrated: don’t be dehydrated, drink plenty of fluids and wear a hat and sunglasses to help keep you safe and comfortable during the colder months.


Keep your feet dry: avoid wearing shoes that are too hot.

Be sure to have a pair of running shoes in the morning, to keep your feet cool.


Avoid heat stress: stay out of the sun, stay indoors at night, avoid driving in the hot sun, wear long sleeves, and wear long pants and boots.


Avoid getting cold in the summer: avoid cold temperatures, and avoid wearing hats and goggles in the heat of the summer.


Get a good pack: take care to pack a warm pack to keep things dry and comfortable.


Wear long sleeves to keep cold and flu viruses from reaching you.


Get plenty of shade and be sure to bring a mask if you need to stay out for long periods of time.


Stay warm: avoid the sun and stay indoors in the coldest weather conditions.


Wear a hat if you are a little bit cold and want to get a little extra shade.


Stay away from hot beverages.


Wear sunglasses, and keep your nose and mouth covered if you have allergies.


Use a whistle to help you keep a safe distance.


Wear gloves and keep them on your hands and feet.


Avoid touching your nose or eyes with your fingers if you can help it. 14.

Wear thick socks if you’re running.


Wear an umbrella if you plan to take part in the outdoor season.


Keep a dry shirt and towel under your coat for the long haul.


Wear rain gear for long-term wear and tear protection.


Dress warmly.


Be careful when walking barefoot: wear socks, a long-sleeved shirt and hat, and shoes.


Wear reflective clothing such as sunglasses and sunglasses with a reflective coating, such as raincoat or jacket.


Stay well hydrated during the winter season.

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