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Sri Lanka Content What to know about Mount Sugarloaf and its lakes and ponds

What to know about Mount Sugarloaf and its lakes and ponds

On the west side of the lake, you can find a large sand pit.

This is where you will find a number of ponds, which are the perfect place to soak up the saltwater. 

On the east side of Sugarloft, you will also find a series of ponds.

These are the ideal places to soak in the fresh spring water that has been brought in by the wind. 

From here you will see a variety of species of birds and small mammals. 

There are a few small houses on this mountain, but the most interesting of all is the Sugarlofahouse, a stone home on the hillside.

This house has been converted into a visitor centre. 

The Sugarlofs are a unique community.

There are no roads or trails here, so you can walk along the banks and get lost. 

You can also get lost here, but it’s not difficult. 

This area is a popular spot for camping.

You can park up here, which is an ideal spot to have a picnic, a picnic table and a hammock. 

Just take your time and enjoy the view. 

If you are staying at Sugarloaft Mountain Resort, make sure to come down to the lodge to see the waterfalls. 

When you are ready to leave, go down to Smith Mountain Lake, which has a number coves that you can park at.

You may be surprised to learn that there are a number caves that you may not have noticed before. 

In the morning, it’s ideal to head out to the picnic area and sit on the bench and watch the water fall. 

Later in the day, it is best to visit the nearby lake. 

Smith Mountain Lake is a great spot for a picnic or even just a swim. 

For the adventurous, there are several trails that you are able to go on, and there are some places where you can see wildlife like turtles and deer. 

After enjoying the water, head back to the hotel to eat breakfast, and then head back out to Smiths Lake.

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