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on Fairfax Media’s investigation into Fairfax Media reporter Julie Bishop contributed to the resignation of Fairfax CEO Michael Nahan article AUSTRALIA’S biggest media company has resigned amid a media investigation into one of its senior reporters, after Fairfax Media reported that a senior editor had threatened to quit if he did not stop reporting the news.

The Fairfax Media website, which reported last week that the newsroom was under a cloud following a complaint from a former editor, has been taken offline.

The site was offline for several hours on Friday as Fairfax Media responded to a complaint about a staffer threatening to quit unless Ms Bishop was suspended from her job, according to Fairfax Media executive editor Mark Fidler.

Mr Fidlers comments did not say whether Ms Bishop had been suspended or threatened.

Fairfax Media said the story was a “complex and sensitive matter”.

The Fairfax article quoted an unnamed senior editor as saying he had received “further information” that the Fairfax media staff were “in trouble” after the paper’s top newsreader, Julie Bishop, was suspended.

“As soon as that information was provided to me, I immediately sought advice from the relevant staff members who are working closely with me and were in close contact with Julie and the Fairfax management team, Fairfax management said in a statement on Friday.”

These people will be held to account for their actions.

“Ms Bishop is a Fairfax Media correspondent and chief executive officer, and the company has said it will not publish any stories in its current format until the matter is resolved.

Mr Nahan is the executive chairman of Fairfax Media, and his departure comes at a time of mounting pressure from shareholders.

Mr Fairfax was fined $1.3 million by Fairfax Media for a series of breaches of privacy over the publication of confidential documents.

Mr Newsom, who is running for the leadership of the Labor Party, said the resignation was “not surprising”.”

The resignation of Mr Nahan was inevitable,” he said.”

I would expect that to be the case from his perspective, but he did an extraordinary job for Fairfax Media.

“Mr Newsosom said he would not be intimidated by the media and would continue to “fight for the Australian public”.”

I am confident we will continue to put Australian journalism first, and that’s why I have been committed to working with the new government to put in place a stable and effective system of governance for Australian media,” he told the ABC.

Ms Bishop was forced to step down from her Fairfax Media role last week amid allegations that she had threatened staff with “retaliation” if they did not resign.

The Federal Court ruled in May that the “retaliatory threat” requirement had breached the Privacy Act.

Mr Bunn was also fined $2.9 million by the Australian Tax Office for his role in the investigation into tax avoidance schemes.

Mr Todman, who was also the chairman of the board of directors at Fairfax, has stepped down from his role.

Mr Murdoch was among those who complained about the investigation.”

The investigation into Julie Bishop is now being handled by the relevant Australian Tax office, and there is no indication of any attempt to intimidate the staff involved,” Mr Murdoch said in an emailed statement.”

Julie Bishop’s actions are entirely within her rights, and it is a very disappointing development for all involved.

“It is clear that this investigation has been handled appropriately and the Australian tax office will continue with the investigation.”


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