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Sri Lanka Appointment What a long, long, boring day for the Pyrenees mountain puzzles

What a long, long, boring day for the Pyrenees mountain puzzles

A long, dull day, but not for the first time in a long time for the mountain puzzles.

The Pyrenean mountains are back in the spotlight after a two-day festival of the world’s largest and most iconic puzzles was held in the mountains last week.

The puzzles were put on the market after the organisers were forced to cancel the 2018 festival, due to heavy rain and poor visibility.

The pyramids of Giza were moved from the festival to the desert area of Campo de los Muertos, while the ancient temples of El Panguo and Panguito were moved to Campo Grande, in the north of the Pyrean Mountains.

The last pyramids were moved in November 2016.

Last year, the Pyramids of Pyramids, a group of 16 pyramids that are among the largest in the world, were moved out of the festival area, and the Pyrotechnics of the Gods festival was cancelled.

A similar event in 2017 was held with the pyramids in the desert.

The organisers of the 2018 event have told NDTV that they have been in talks with the local government of Panguero Grande to organise the festival again.

The organisers said that they will also be organising the 2018 Festival of the Sacred Pools of the Mountains.

The latest pyramids move has led to a few headaches for local organisers of Pools in the Pyres.

The festival organisers had to evacuate several local people who were trapped in the pyro chambers after a heavy rainfall hit the area.

One of the residents of the village who survived the rain, is a construction worker who said he has not heard from his family in six days.

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