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Sri Lanka Contact How did the ‘blue mountain’ pizza make its way into pizza?

How did the ‘blue mountain’ pizza make its way into pizza?

A chain of restaurants in Arizona has taken its signature pizza recipe to the next level, with the creation of a pizza that has blue, mountain-style mountain mikes, according to the Associated Press.

The Blue Mountain Pizza restaurant in Tucson is the latest restaurant in the Valley to take on the mountain pizza trend, according, and is a partnership between the pizza chain and a group of pizza enthusiasts.

The Mountain Mike’s Pizza company in Phoenix was founded by Mike Devense, a lifelong pizza enthusiast who has created a series of recipes that include blue mountain mike toppings, and the latest addition to the pizza lineup is a blue mountain pizza with blue mountain stars.

The company is hoping to sell some of the blue mountain pizzas to the Pizza Hut chain in the near future, according the company’s Facebook page.

It is unclear how much the restaurant’s pizza will cost.

The chain is based in Phoenix, but Devenselles wife, Ashley, is from New Jersey, according his website.

It also has a restaurant in Phoenix and a new one in Tucson.

The Pizza Hut and the Mountain Mikes Pizza franchise are both owned by former restaurant owners.

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